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Control cover
Remedy Entertainment
Mi'pu'mi Games[1] General Arcade[2]
505 Games
Metacritic 85
OpenCritic 84
Series Control
Apple Silicon Games
Control on HowLongToBeat
Control on IGDB
Control guide on StrategyWiki
Control on MobyGames
Control on Wikipedia


See PCGamingWiki for Windows and/or Linux availability.

macOS Compatibility

Compatibility layer Rating Notes
CrossOver Perfect Solid 30 fps on M1 Pro with Crossover 23.5 and Heroic.[3]
Wine Perfect Game Porting Toolkit - the game must be run from Terminal, you must cd into the Control folder otherwise it'll complain of missing Data folder. Change the Control_DX12.exe to Control.exe and launch. Same fix works with heroic's staging build that allows use of Game porting Toolkit Wine.
Parallels Playable Low framerates on M1 Mac but playable, make sure to launch DirectX 11 exe.[4]Unplayable.[5]Great framerates on medium settings with M1 Max.[6]



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  3. Verified by User:carbo00 on 2023-10-13
    OS: macOS 14.0
    Method: Crossover 23.5, Heroic bottle with D3DMetal on and DX12
    Store: GOG
    Resolution: 2560x1080
    Framerate: 30
    Controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    Comment: Dark screen fixed with D3DMetal and DX12.
  4. Verified by User:Andytizer on 2021-05-01
    Device: MacBook Air M1 2020 8 GB RAM
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    Method: Windows ARM Build 21370 on Parallels 16.5
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  5. Verified by User:BringBackTron and Jhelzei on 2021-04-20
    Device: MacBook Pro M1 2020 8GB RAM
    OS: macOS 11.3 Beta 8
    Method: Windows ARM Build 21359 on Parallels 16.5
    Resolution: 1280x800
    Settings: Low
    Comment: Stable FPS, unplayable due to crashing when combat starts
  6. Verified by User:Captcool on 2022-04-14
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    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Settings: Medium
    Framerate: 40