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From AppleGamingWiki, the wiki about gaming on M1 Apple silicon Macs

Welcome to AppleGamingWiki - the M1 Apple silicon compatiblity resource for every game playable on the ARM chip Mac.

The new M1 chip computers, first released by Apple in November 2020, has brought about a new era of CPU performance which rivals that of high-end Intel desktops - but using a virtually silent and much more power-efficient form factor. This new chipset is no less than a revolution in integrated chip gaming performance - the M1 ARM chip is now completely capable of running high-end AAA games - but only if they are compatible with the new ARM platform!

Unfortunately few games are currently taking advantage of the full benefits of Apple silicon, and most games rely on the Rosetta 2 translation layer to run existing Intel macOS games on the new ARM chip. However there are many methods, fixes and workarounds available to get excellent macOS, iPhone, iPad and even triple-AAA Windows games working through methods like CrossOver, Parallels and Windows ARM. But getting compatibility information is really tough as information (and misinformation) is strewn around various forums and websites on the internet.

In steps AppleGamingWiki - a brand new wiki which aims to collate all the compatibility and fixes for all games on macOS. We want to have a single article for every game, and provide the relevant tutorials, fixes and compatibility information in one place. We aim to do this by opening the wiki format to encourage any users (even those not logged in) to add compatibility information and articles to the website and submit their own information.


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