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CrossOver is a proprietary Windows compatibility layer for macOS based on Wine made by developers CodeWeavers. CrossOver modifies Wine, adding compatibility patches, a user-friendly interface and technical support.


CrossOver is initially available with a 14-day trial. Remember to use the coupon code APPLEGAMINGWIKI for 25% off the cost of the purchase.

Then CrossOver can be purchased in two editions:

  • CrossOver + - which gives 12 months of upgrades and phone support with a discounted renewal price.
  • CrossOver Life - which gives lifetime access to all future versions and unlimited email and phone support.

Nightly builds are available for BetterTesters, CodeWeaver's beta testing program.

It is also possible to compile Wine games using other methods for free, for example PortingKit or Wineskin.

Game launchers

CrossOver is capable of running many Windows games installed via exe files (for example DRM-free installers downloaded from However the support for actual game library platforms is currently limited. These platforms are supported:

  • Steam
  • Ubisoft Connect

Epic Games Launcher


  • Epic Games Launcher via Legendary : Epic games Launcher can be Installed via a command line tool called Legendary. This can be downloaded as a file from their GitHub Repository and can be added to path to invoke the CLI tool. Login to your Epic Games Account via legendary auth and use legendary list-games to view your library. After you install a game, add it to crossover via the "Run Command..." Option and navigating to /Users/<username>/legendary/<game folder> and locating the .exe file. The location may vary based on the game.


Heroic is a GUI front-end for Legendary.
  1. Install Heroic Games Launcher macOS build
  2. Install CrossOver 21, created new Heroic Windows 7 x64 Bottle called Heroic
  3. Install dependencies into Heroic bottle:
    1. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (10.0) Redistributable (64 bit)
    2. Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0
    3. DirectX for Modern Games
    4. Core Fonts
    5. Enable DXVK tick (Ctrl+click on Heroic bottle, go to Settings)
  4. Link the wine file within /Applications/ Application/wine
  5. In Heroic, 'Custom Wine/Proton Paths' and set Wine version to custom
  6. Blank out WinePrefix folder in Settings and within game settings
  7. Essential: Ctrl+click on Heroic bottle, rename to 'default' (this is due to hardcoded paths)


Download the CrossOver Origin install script.

  1. Create a new Windows 7 x64 bit bottle in CrossOver called 'Origin'
  2. Click Install a Windows Application and install Origin
  3. In the Origin installer set the path to the C:\Origin\ folder (do not press install yet)
  4. Download the script into the /Application Support/CrossOver/ folder
  5. Run the script by opening Terminal and navigating to /Application Support/CrossOver/ and starting the script
  6. Whilst the script is running, complete the Origin install
  7. This script must be re-run whenever Origin requires an update

Recommended settings

DirectX for Modern Games

DirectX 11

DirectX 11 support can be enabled by toggling DXVK.

Enable DXVK
  1. Click Bottles icon
  2. Ctrl + click Bottle
  3. Enable Settings - Enable DXVK Backend D3D11


Enable Esync
  1. Click Bottles icon
  2. Ctrl + click Bottle
  3. Enable Settings - Enable Performance Enhanced Synchronization (ESync)

Framerate tracking

Steam overlay

Steam overlay is part of Steam preferences and some games launches through Steam can display the game's framerate. However many games run through Steam do not necessarily correctly launch the Steam overlay.


  • Only works when DXVK is enabled and a DirectX 10 or 11 game is running.
  • Can cause graphical issues in some games, e.g. Dishonored 2.
  1. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/<bottle name>
  2. Ctrl+click cxbottle.conf and open with TextEdit or another text editor
  3. At the bottom of the file add "DXVK_HUD"="devinfo,gpuload,memory,fps,frametimes" and save


It is possible to take raw footage and analyse using the application. Download It from here


Vsync is forced on macOS, so is best to disable vsync and framecap in-game. Practically every game benefits from disabling frame-limiting, making them much more fluid, but without tearing.

Codeweavers usually recommends to install different programs on different bottles, in order to avoid interference between such programs. However, almost all games uses dependencies, so your bottle becomes more compatible every time a game installs new dependencies. It's best to use the same bottle every time, so it becomes more compatible and robust over time. A lot of crashes and incompatibilities can be solved by doing this.

32-bit Games

32-Bit Games Are Usually Better On Parallels.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 Is Not Kind To Crossover. This means that games using UE4 show a black background, sometimes little grass appears.

DirectX 12

DirectX 12 Support will be available On CrossOver 23 For mac.