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Kerbal Space Program 2

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macOS Compatibility

Compatibility layer Rating Notes
CrossOver Playable You may need to run the downloaded .exe file manually. Unable to change resolution. Tutorial videos aren't loading [1]
Wine Unknown
Parallels Runs World turns black forever if you look at the sky (unplayable if you want to see where you are flying). Unable to change resolution [2]
Windows 10 ARM Unknown
  1. Verified by User:TopScrech on 2024-01-14
    Device: MacBook Pro 16' M3 Max 2023
    OS: macOS 14.2.1
    Method: CrossOver 23.7.1 (D3DMetal enabled)
    Game version:
    Store: Steam
    Resolution: 3456×2234
    Settings: High
    Framerate: 60 FPS
    Comment: 40 GPU cores, 48GB Unified Memory, 2TB storage
  2. Verified by User:AlexandruChi on 2023-06-24
    Device: MacBook Pro M2 Pro 2023
    OS: Windows 11 Pro 22H2
    Method: Parallels 18.3.1 on macOS 14.0 Beta
    Game version:
    Store: Private Division Store
    Resolution: 1512x945
    Settings: Low
    Framerate: 20 FPS