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METAL: Hellsinger

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macOS Compatibility

Compatibility layer Rating Notes
CrossOver Runs Very low framerate [1]
Wine Unknown
Parallels Playable [2]
  1. Verified by User:PBeGood4 on 21 June 2022
    Device: M1 MBP 16 GB Ram
    OS: macOS 12.4
    Method: Crossover 21.2
    Store: Steam
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Settings: lowest
    Framerate: ~10 fps
    Comment: Takes a long while to launch the game (sometimes it even crashes Steam) and the framerate is unplayable. Playing at high and low resolution does not seem to make a difference
  2. Verified by User:Metalscreame on 19 Sept 2022
    Device: M1 Pro 32 GB Ram
    OS: macOS 12.4
    Method: Parralels 18
    Store: Steam
    Resolution: 1650 x 1200
    Settings: lowest
    Framerate: ~30 fps
    Comment: Runs near 30-40 fps in regular situations and down to ~20 on bosses (lots of effects) on 1650x1200 (16:10) and low settings. Tested on M1 Pro