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StarCraft II

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StarCraft II
StarCraft II cover
Blizzard Entertainment
Release dates
July 27, 2010
macOS July 27, 2010
Metacritic 93
Series StarCraft (series)
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General information

Official technical support forum
Official forums

macOS Compatibility

Method Rating Notes
Rosetta 2 Perfect Playable.
Compatibility layer
CrossOver Unknown
Wine Unknown
Parallels Unknown


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
macOS Requires online authentication.
All versions require Template:DRM, as well as periodic online re-authentication every 30 days.[1]
Free Starter Edition is also available, although this edition cannot be played offline.[1]

Version differences

Starter Edition

The StarCraft II Starter Edition is a free but limited version of StarCraft II.

  • Only the first five missions of the Terran campaign are available, as well as the first four missions of the Zerg campaign. Two challenge missions are available as well.
  • Custom non-ranked multiplayer and AI battles are available with all three races.
  • The entire Arcade mode is available. Custom maps can be created with the Editor, but not published.
  • All achievements and progress carry over to the full version.

Starting from November 14, 2017, StarCraft II has gone free-to-play. Contents which are available for free:

  • The original Wings of Liberty campaign.
  • Ranked multiplayer ladder.
  • Current and upcoming Co-op Commanders.
Name Notes
Heart of the Swarm Standalone. Can be bought from the store.
Legacy of the Void Standalone. Can be bought from the store.
Nova Covert Ops Mission pack 1
Nova Covert Ops Mission pack 2
Nova Covert Ops Mission pack 3

Gameplay videos


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