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Battlefield 4

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Fps boost file (join the discord first)==macOS Compatibility==

Compatibility layer Rating Notes
CrossOver Perfect v23.6 [1]
Wine Unknown
Parallels Playable MacBook Pro 16 M1 Max Parallels 18, Runs well on 4K and ultra settings with minor stutters but frame rate is all over the place but mostly playable.

Game has a volumetric light bug that makes maps like Zeebrugge unplayable as the light is shimmering all over the place.

OLD: Verified by User:Kyranm on 2021-12-26

Device: M1 MBP 8 GB Ram 8 Core GPU
OS: macOS 12

Store: Steam
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Settings: high
Framerate: stable 30-50ish sometimes lower when a at a certain maps

Comment: just turn all the settings down and you should be fine (edited)</ref>


  1. Verified by User:TheFragen on 2023-11-28
    Device: MacBook Pro 16 2021 (M1 Max, 32GB)
    OS: macOS Sonoma 14.1.1
    Resolution: 1920x1200
    Comment: Bottle should be created first with DXVK enabled, then Origin v10.5.115.51547 should be installed with default path. Upon install complete, log in, and immediately close it. Fuck off EA App should afterwards be installed in the bottle, and the following should be added to the C:\Program Files (X86)\Origin\EACore.ini file in the C: Drive of the bottle:

    Finally add a Wine library override of "version" set to "native, builtin". Complete guide (albeit for Whisky) can be found here.