Fallout 2

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Fallout 2
Fallout 2 cover{{#set:|Cover=https://images.applegamingwiki.com/d/de/Fallout_2_cover.jpg%7CCover filename=File:Fallout_2_cover.jpg}}
Black Isle Studios
OS X The Omni Group
Interplay Entertainment
OS X MacPlay
Digital, post-2015 Bethesda Softworks
Fallout Engine
Release dates
October 29, 1998
macOS August 24, 2002
Metacritic 86
Series Fallout (series)
Apple Silicon Games
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Fallout (series)
Fallout 1997
Fallout 2 1998
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel 2001
Fallout 3 2008
Fallout: New Vegas 2010
Fallout 4 2015
Fallout Shelter 2016
Fallout 76 2018

macOS Compatibility

Method Rating Notes
Native Perfect Mac Source Ports works like a charm. Can work through Steam or GOG.
Compatibility layer
CrossOver Unplayable
Wine Unknown
Parallels Perfect Runs well on Parallels and is moddable.[1]

See PCGamingWiki for Windows and/or Linux availability.

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  1. Verified by User:Andytizer on 2020-12-25
    Device: MacBook Air M1 2020
    OS: macOS 11.2 Beta
    Method: Windows 10 ARM Pro Insider Preview Build 20231 on Parallels 16
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Settings: Default
    Framerate: 60 FPS
    Link: allout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics - M1 Apple Silicon Parallels 16 Windows 10 ARM - MBA 2020