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Garry's Mod

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macOS Compatibility

Method Rating Notes
Rosetta 2 Perfect Opt-in to beta program.
Compatibility layer
CrossOver Playable Game runs smoothly but some mods won't work well/cause a lot of lag/have missing textures.
Wine Unknown
Parallels Perfect a bit of lags but its perfect

Running Garry's Mod on macOS 12 and newer (Frozen loading screen bug)

A bug was found in Garry's Mod that causes the version of Chromium Embedded Framework that is used to not run on macOS 12 and newer.

To run Garry's Mod with CEF working you will need to use a tool called GModCEFCodecFix that fixes CEF while also adding H.264 (MP4), AAC and Widevine support.


1. Download the latest macOS version of GModCEFCodecFix

2. Open terminal then type the command chmod +x and drag the file you downloaded onto the Terminal window. Press Enter to run the command. This makes the Codec Fix executable. You will notice the icon for the GModCEFCodecFix file change if you've done this correctly. If this command fails, you may have to allow Terminal access to your disk within Security preferences.

3. Double click the GModCEFCodecFix file in Finder. When the script runs, it will say what it is doing. If the files are not patched yet, the patches will download. Depending on your internet speed, this step can take a moment.

4. After the script runs successfully, you can run Garry's Mod and it should load perfectly now instead of freezing. No more -nochromium!

Gameplay videos


Garry's Mod x64 hangs at launch on macOS Monterey 12.0.1