God of War

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macOS Compatibility

Method Rating Notes
Native Unknown
Rosetta 2 Unknown
Compatibility layer
CrossOver Perfect Game works perfectly at 1080p[1]
Wine Unknown
Parallels Unplayable Game does not start at all, it says that the game needs windows 10 to run, even if it's running on a Win10.[2]

Gameplay videos[edit]



  1. Verified by User:fayd on Feb 08, 2022
    Device: Macbook Air M1 2020
    OS: macOS 12.1 Monterey
    Method: Crossover 21.1
    Resolution: 1080p
    Framerate: 25-40 FPS
    Link: [1]
  2. Verified by User:Evil1nside on Jan 15, 2022
    Device: MacMini M1 2020
    OS: macOS 12.1 Monterey
    Method: Parallels 17
    Resolution: 1050p
    Settings: Almost maxed quality
    Framerate: 25-40 FPS