NieR: Automata

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macOS Compatibility

Compatibility layer Rating Notes
CrossOver Playable Playable.[1]
Wine Unknown
Parallels Playable Playable.[2]

Issues unresolved[edit]

Issue: need FPS counter[edit]

Had to disable DXVK so no built in FPS counter. Steam FPS counter doesn't shows up either, so can't really tell how my game performs. But it playable on base 14" with crossover


  1. Verified by User:everyone on 2021-06-19
    Device: MacBook Air M1 2020 8GB RAM 7 Core GPU
    OS: macOS 11.4
    Method: Crossover Nightly, DKVK turned off, esync turned off, performance enhanced graphic turned off
    Store: Steam
    Settings: Vsync must be off
    Framerate: 20~30 FPS
  2. Verified by User:qyqstc on 2022-01-02
    Device: MacBook Pro Max 2021 64GB RAM 32 Core GPU
    OS: macOS 12.1
    Method: Parallels Desktop
    Game version: 17
    Store: Steam
    Resolution: 2k
    Settings: Medium, antialiasing must be off