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PlayCover allows M1 Macs to sideload iPhone and iPad apps even after macOS 11.2.3, please see the main Sideloading article for other methods of sideloading.


  • Apps can be fullscreened and also played with keyboard and mouse (using Touch Assist and mapping)
  • macOS Big Sur and Monterey are compatible, with Intel support planned in the future
  • Can also decrypt signed IPA files that have been extracted via iMazing or Apple Configurator

Insider Nightly builds[edit]

  • Please refer to PlayCover's Discord for updates, to get the most compatible nightly build you will find instructions on how to donate to developer iVoider and gain access to the latest build


  1. Download PlayCover and extract
  2. Agree to the license
  3. Drag IPA file to PlayCover window
  4. Navigate to ~\Documents\PlayCover\ to find the decrypted/installed game

Instructions For Genshin[edit]

  1. Download PlayCover and extract
  2. Agree to the license
  3. Goto discord channel to find decrypted ipa
  4. Open PlayCover
  5. check both `keymapping` and `fix login`
  6. Drag IPA file to PlayCover window
  7. Navigate to ~\Documents\PlayCover\ to find the decrypted/installed game
  8. follow Fixes section

Genshin Fixes[edit]

In order to get Genshin Impact to successfully login after sideloading, this fix is required:

  1. Install the Genshin Impact app via #Instructions
  2. Disable SIP (boot into recovery mode by holding power button when boot, login your account, open terminal, type csrutil disable, agree)
  3. Restart
  4. Open Terminal, type sudo nvram boot-args="-v cs_enforcement_disable=1 amfi_get_out_of_my_way=1 keepsyms=1 intcoproc_unrestricted=1 amfi_unrestrict_task_for_pid=1 amfi_allow_any_signature=1 cs_debug=1" (Note: this command disables some security settings, e.g. does not allow changing camera preferences)
  5. Restart
  6. Now captcha/login will work
  7. After successful login, SIP can be enabled again: csrutil enable. But the app need to be reinstalled with `fix login` unchecked (reinstall won't delete login data)

Note: If you have problems with csrutil command (failed). Go to System preferences, Privacy & Secuirity, disable FileVault, enable it and choose allow unlock disk from iCloud option

Note: if you wish to disable the sudo command, open Terminal and enter sudo nvram boot-args="" to clear this command.

Remapping keys[edit]

  • Ctrl+P Open/close keymapping editor
  • Ctrl+N Add new key
  • Ctrl+J Add new joystick, (for W, A, S, D)
  • Ctrl+M Add mouse
  • Ctrl++ or - Setting size

To delete a key, toggle keymapping editor (Ctrl+P) and then click on a zone, and then press Ctrl+← Backspace