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macOS Compatibility

Compatibility layer Rating Notes
CrossOver Playable Playable, but needs to apply nastys libMoltenVK fix for Unreal Engine 4 games to remove black glitches
Wine Runs Game loads to menu and into game, but has extensive graphics and text issues - unplayable in game
Parallels Playable Playable





  1. Verified by User:iSquithy on 2022-09-12
    Device: MacBook Pro 2021 M1 Pro 16 GB RAM
    Method: WineSkin Winery
    Game version: Wineskin-
    Comment: WIP - Wine settings WinOS=10, .net35, v++ 2019
  2. Verified by User:Digitalfx on
    Device: MacBook Air M1 2020 16 GB RAM
    Method: Windows 11 ARM on Parallels 16
    Settings: low
    Comment: boot flags video.untrimmed_dynamic_cbuffers=1
  3. Verified by User:Luchermkens on 2022-02-04
    Device: MacBook Pro 2021 - M1 Pro - 16GB RAM
    OS: macOS 12.1
    Method: Windows 11 (21H2) ARM on Parallels 17.1.1
    Game version: (Steam)
    Resolution: 720p
    Settings: Low
    Framerate: 30 FPS Average
    Comment: Boot Flags > video.untrimmed_dynamic_cbuffers=1
  4. Verified by User:junukwon7 on 2022-06-15
    Device: Macbook Pro 2021 - M1 Max - 64GB RAM
    OS: macOS 12.4
    Method: Windows 11 (21H2) ARM on Parallels 17
    Resolution: 3840x2160(UHD)
    Settings: Mid
    Framerate: Avg. 40
    Comment: video.untrimmed_dynamic_cbuffers=1. without it: ~20fps
  5. Verified by User:kameechewa on 2022-07-07
    Device: Macbook Pro 14" 2021 - M1 Pro 8c14g - 16GB RAM
    OS: macOS 12.4
    Method: Windows 11 (21H2 build 22000.778) ARM on Parallels 17.1.4 Pro
    Game version: 8719346
    Resolution: 1280x800
    Settings: Low
    Framerate: Avg. 50
    Comment: video.untrimmed_dynamic_cbuffers=1 VM has 6 cores and 14GB Ram