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Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

Template to be used when something was verified by a wiki editor. Needs to be used with ref tags.

  • user - User name. E.g. PCGWbot
  • date - Day on which it was checked in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • device - For example, MacBook Pro 2020 M1 8GB RAM. No need to include GPU core count.
  • os - macOS Operating System number e.g. macOS 13.3 Beta. NOT the individual method version (NO Parallels 16 etc).
  • method - For example Native, Rosetta 2, iPhone/iPad - include versions for methods - e.g. CrossOver 20 and Parallels 16.
  • version - Game version or patch number.
  • store - Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, cracked etc.
  • resolution - Resolution for example 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 etc.
  • settings - General settings, be as general as possible.
  • framerate - Framerate expressed as a range or a comment e.g. 40-60FPS, spikes in some areas.
  • controller - Controller - specific Xbox One Controller, DualShock 4 etc.
  • url - URL link, if relevant.
  • title - Title of URL link - should be the title of the video or article or a summary of what the link points to.
  • comment - Comment.

{{Refdevice|user=Andytizer|date=2021-02-26|device=MacBook Air M1 2020 8 GB RAM|os=macOS 11.2.1|method=Rosetta 2|version=|resolution=1920x1080|settings=High|framerate=Approximately 30 FPS|controller=|url=|title=Frostpunk - Now on macOS! M1 Apple Silicon - Macbook Air 2020|comment=}}

Verified by User:Andytizer on 2021-02-26

Device: MacBook Air M1 2020 8 GB RAM
OS: macOS 11.2.1
Method: Rosetta 2

Resolution: 1920x1080
Settings: High
Framerate: Approximately 30 FPS
Link: Frostpunk - Now on macOS! M1 Apple Silicon - Macbook Air 2020