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macOS Compatibility

Method Rating Notes
Native Perfect Play natively via #TerrariaArmMac by Candygoblen123 for 60fps+.
Rosetta 2 Perfect Stays around 50-60 fps even in late game fights. Sometimes drops to 45, but remains completely playable.[1]
iOS/iPadOS App Playable Keyboard controls don't work. A controller is required. Runs better with PlayCover (2.0.0 only).[2]
Compatibility layer
CrossOver Playable Playable.[3]
Wine Unplayable Directx 9
Parallels Playable Playable.


First things first, make a backup of your existing terraria install. You can find it by right clicking the game in Steam > Manage > Browse Local Files.

Download the latest release from the Releases page

Unzip the Terraria file, there should be a folder inside called Contents

In your existing install of Terraria, right click and click Show Package Contents. You should see a folder called Contents, go into it.

The Directory structure of these 2 folders ahould corrilate. All you have to do is replace the existing files with the new files in the provided zip. (Note that you cannot merge the 2 folders, and that you cannot replace the entire folder. We still need all those other files!) For more detailed instructions, continue reading.

Go into the MacOS folder, and replace Terraria.bin.osx and TerrariaServer.bin.osx with the versions provided in the Terraria Arm folder.

Go into the osx/ folder, and replace libFAudio.0.dylib, libSDL2-2.0.0.dylib, libtheorafile.dylib, libFNA3D.0.dylib, libSDL2_image-2.0.0.dylib with the version provided in the Terraria Arm folder.

Go up back to the Contents Folder, go into the Resources folder, and replace Mono.Posix.dll, System.Drawing.dll, System.Xml.Linq.dll, Mono.Security.dll, mscorlib.dll, System.Numerics.dll, System.Xml.dll, System.Configuration.dll, System.Runtime.Serialization.dll, System.dll, System.Core.dll, System.Security.dll, WindowsBase.dll, System.Data.dll, System.Windows.Forms.dll with the version provided in the Terraria Arm folder.

You should now be able to open Terraria via steam, and it now should be running nativly on ARM. You can check via Activity Moniter


  1. Verified by User:Cenxion on 2023-08-04
    Device: MacBook Air 2020 8 GB RAM
    OS: macOS 13.2.1
    Method: Rosetta 2
    Resolution: 1440x900
    Framerate: 50-60
  2. Verified by User:kingbri on 2022-12-24
    Device: MacBook Pro 2020 16 GB RAM
    OS: macOS 13.1
    Method: PlayCover 2.0.0
    Game version:
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Framerate: 60
    Controller: xbox
  3. Apple Silicon Games - last accessed on 2021-04-30