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Tetris Effect: Connected

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macOS Compatibility

Compatibility layer Rating Notes
CrossOver Playable Works almost perfectly with MoltenVK fix. With unmodified Crossover, runs and sound is present, but screen is black aside from small logo.[1]
Wine Playable Works almost perfectly (occasional stuttering on some levels) with Wine and GPTK. When installing through Steam for Windows, Retina mode works perfectly in Borderless mode (which displays as Fullscreen).[2]
Parallels Playable Playable, but occasionally stutters and has input delay[3]

Running with Wine using Whisky

  1. Install Whisky[4]
  2. Through its wizard, install Rosetta 2 and GPTK. You can also install Rosetta with the following command:
   softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license
  1. Create a new Windows 10 bottle
  2. Download Steam for Windows (x86_64)[5] — choose the Windows icon from "Also available on"
  3. Click Run... in Whisky
  4. Install Steam normally
  5. Launch it and sign in
  6. Download Tetris Effect: Connected[6]
  7. Launch it and play!

Additional steps:

I've found that Borderless mode is usually better than Fullscreen mode. You can set it in the in-game preferences for graphics.

You can also set Retina mode in Bottle Configuration in Whisky for better fidelity. With this mode enabled, everything looks crisp, sharp, and like a native game. After tweaking the graphics in-game preferences, I managed to get quite stable 90 FPS in full resolution, full screen.

Everything works, together with all the Steam and online enhancements, like weekend events or cloud game progress sync. Sometimes Steam itself doesn't register button clicks in Retina mode, but in the lowest DPI scaling (Steam window is very small), I had no problem launching the game.

If you want to run the game without Steam, do the following:

  1. Navigate to this file "TetrisEffect/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/Engine.ini"
  2. add these lines at the end:
  1. Launch the game, and go to Settings - Gameplay - and turn on offline mode[7]

From my tests it doesn't break the game when it's launched through Steam. However, when launching without Steam, no in-game properties are available, and the game doesn't work with Retina mode (it is a little bit pixelated).

Running with Crossover and MoltenVK fix

DXVK is a Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 9/10/11 which allows running 3D applications on Linux using Wine.

MoltenVK is a software library which allows Vulkan applications to run on top of Metal on Apple's macOS, iOS, and tvOS operating systems.

When running the game with stock Crossover, it will display as a black screen, but sound can be heard. Sometimes the window will also jump off the screen so it helps if you have something like Rectangle to easily reposition it.

To get the game to run properly, follow the following steps.

Note: The versions may be out of date, but the general approach should work.

Installing MoltenVK:

  1. Download the latest dxvk-patched MoltenVK with the 'UE4hack' in the name (I used macos-1.2.3-g5cbeaaa-UE4hack-zeroinit-dxvk.tar.xz) from
  2. Extract the downloaded archive.
  3. Locate the file named "libMoltenVK.dylib" inside the extracted folder at Package/Release/MoltenVK/dylib/macOS.
  4. Open your "CrossOver" application, usually found in /Applications/
  5. Navigate to Contents/SharedSupport/CrossOver/lib64 within the CrossOver app.
  6. Before proceeding, create a backup of the existing "libMoltenVK.dylib" if desired.
  7. Move the downloaded "libMoltenVK.dylib" from step 3 into the lib64 folder, overriding the existing one.

Note: If you encounter issues on an M1 system, it's recommended to use version 1.1.4 of MoltenVK.

Installing DXVK:

  1. Download DXVK from
  2. Open your bottle (Windows environment) in Crossover where you want to install DXVK.
  3. Locate the "x64" folder within the DXVK files.
  4. Drag and drop all the files from the "x64" folder into the "windows/system32" folder of your bottle.
  5. No need to backup files before overriding, as Crossover will restore DXVK 1.7 if needed (when unchecking and checking the dxvk option).

Please make sure to exercise caution while replacing files and consider creating backups as suggested.

Running the game

Now in CrossOver, ensure you do not toggle the DXVK option on the bottle, because that will overwrite the changes you made in the 'Installing DXVK' section. Under 'Advanced Settings' the app runs with only Esync toggled on.

You may need to provide the environment variable `DXVK_ASYNC=1` when launching games.

I was able to use Heroic launcher with the Crossover/Wine version set to 'Crossover 22.1.1', pointing at the bottle I configured in the steps above, and no environment variables set.


  1. Verified by User:Sam on 2023-5-5
    Device: 14-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro
    OS: macOS 13.1
    Method: CrossOver 21.1.1
    Framerate: 60 FPS
  2. Verified by User:sewera on 2023-11-19
    Device: 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro (base model with 16GB RAM)
    OS: macOS Sonoma 14.1.1
    Method: Wine with GPTK (through Whisky)
    Resolution: 3456x2234 (Native)
    Settings: Custom (100% Rendering scale, everything 1 setp down from Medium)
    Framerate: 90 FPS
    Comment: Tested in Battery saving mode. Whisky: 2.1.3 (32). Steam: 1700160213 (for Windows x86_64)
  3. Verified by User:Raymonf on 2021-11-23
    Device: 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro
    OS: macOS 12.0.1
    Method: Windows 11 ARM64 Insider Preview Build 22504 on Parallels 17
    Resolution: 1312x820
    Settings: Lowest
    Framerate: 30-80 FPS
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