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Unreal Engine 5

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Unreal Engine 5
First release date


Unreal Engine 5 is Epic games' first engine of 9th generation.

The engine finally has a native apple silicon port but modern lightning still does not work. you can make It work by running with rosetta but It will Still crash.

Developer's Journey

Hi, I'm User:Mhhosseini1384.

I tried porting a UE5 game named Sonic Infinity+ (aka Mugen Engine) to m1 macs using a m1 macbook air with 8 Core GPU...


The first thing you will notice after launching UE5 Editor is that compiling speed is trash...

I used a pre made game because I wanted to see how the mac port of UE5 can manage heavy graphics and can it get fully compiled or not?

The answer is no It can't...

Compiling process is very slow and system thinks that It's crashed so compiling will be skipped when exporting game to an .app package...

The game can be compiled in the editor but when you cook it for a m1 mac... some shaders and textures are not there...

Some Next-Gen Features like lumen is not supported...

New versions of xcode are not supported.


UE5 Editor is still running under Rosetta 2 and compiling process is so slow that exporter thinks It's crashed so they will be skipped and game cannot be compiled...

Maybe On M1MAX or M1Ultra The game will be exported as an application(.app) but with m1 you can't do that.

If you want to try it yourself:MugenEngine-UE5 Github Page

Also we will be so happy if you share your experience on M1Max or M1Ultra here.